Shades On Stay Strong 2023

June 9-11 @ Sandy Island Family Camp

  • It started as a gesture among friends...

    In December of 2017, Catharine
    “Cassie” Firenze was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within days, a group of Cassie’s friends rallied the wagons of support. They wrote:

    Cassie Firenze, loving wife, mother, and extraordinary friend to hundreds, is currently undergoing treatment for breast
    cancer. In an effort to show support, her friends created this group to
    celebrate her strength during her fight. Just as Wonder Woman has her cape and
    lasso, Cassie has her sunglasses. #ShadesOnStayStrong

  • What is #ShadesOnStayStrong Weekend?

    The first (hopefully annual) #ShadesOnStayStrong Weekend will take place at Sandy Island Camp from
    Friday, June 9, through Sunday, June 11. In this special place we will gather to lift one another up, honor Cassie's spirit, and enjoy each other's company. The weekend will be full of
    games, camp activities, and good cheer for the whole family. A portion of proceeds
    will benefit the causes Cassie cared about:



    -Preventative cancer research

  • In Cassie's words, #ShadesOnStayStrong is...

    • The beauty of human connection
    • Taking care of the ones you love
    • Making someone’s day
    • Making it count
    • Finding the light, even when it
      might be hiding
    • Gratitude
    • Hope
    • Determination
    • Reaching out for help when you need it
    • Family
    • Friendship
    • Carpe Diem
    • Paying it forward
    • Polar plunges
    • Fundraising for the stuff that matters